2019 Make a Scarecrow

We provide the materials, you provide the creativity and elbow grease! Make a scarecrow to take home, or to donate to the Albion S.T.A.R. Team to decorate Albion this fall!

The total time you should allow to complete a scarecrow is one hour. You must register for a time slot to avoid waiting in line. Register at the Scarecrow Tent.

Everything you need to make a scarecrow will be furnished!

Step 1: Pick out a frame, head, and face (already painted). Frames are sized small, medium, and large. Pick out pants, shirts, hat, hair and embellishments (necklaces, patches, scarves, bandanas, etc.)

Step 2: Go to an assigned table. Someone will be ready to help you stuff your scarecrow with straw.

Step 3: Take your scarecrow and embellishments to the next station, where another helper will finish your scarecrow using a glue gun.

Make and Take scarecrows are ready to be taken home!
SMALL = $15.00
MEDIUM = $25.00
LARGE = $35.00

Make and Donate scarecrows to benefit the Albion S.T.A.R. Team
while supplies last! Donated scarecrows will be used to decorate the town!
COST = $5.00