About Us

2020 would have marked the 22nd consecutive year that local businesses and citizens brought Harvest Fest to the Noble County Saddle Club in Albion, Indiana. We are saddened by the affects of the coronavirus pandemic on our community, including the cancellation of the 2020 Harvest Fest.

In 2021, Harvest Fest faced new challenges: construction at the Noble County Saddle Club (a great improvement and more opportunities for the Club and community!) and the loss of several key volunteers on the planning committee. We encourage Harvest Fest fans to please support the other events taking place in the community. Albion STAR Team will host several during the year On the Square and in Celebration Alley downtown.

Families have been making Harvest Fest a tradition for years by coming together for two days each fall to create and enjoy opportunities for fellowship, philanthropy, to enjoy and recall our historical roots, and to teach the next generation how to have good ol’ fashioned fun!

If you are looking for a way to engage in the community, consider volunteering to help bring back Harvest Fest in September 2022. Without more help, the festival faces an uncertain future. Let us know you want to help! Please email ksparks2393@yahoo.com and tell us who you are, how you can help, and what you envision for Harvest Fest 2022.

Help us provide our community the opportunity to unplug, get comfortable, and come together good food, good friends, and a slice of wholesome, small-town life!

2020 Planning Committee Contacts